Friday, 17 June 2011

Playing @ RELAY

Right now it is all about Frank Ocean he's brilliant. His voice makes me and Mrs Mck all melty inside. There's a really brilliant article about him on the complex magazine website but to sum it up... He was signed to a major record label and they dropped him (as they do) but instead of staying quiet and disappearing he got on with life and released his album as a free mixtape to download! There's a lot more to his story than that so the article is definitely worth a read. 
Most importantly his album is so strong, one of the few recent albums that I'm more than happy to listen to beginning to end over and over. It is quickly becoming the album that we play at least once a day on the Relay Ipod. More than anything I love the content of his songs his lyrics actually give me butterflies. Ridiculous I know but true. I think Mrs Mck would agree that this album is gonna get rather rinsed out at Relay over the summer. What d'ya reckon??

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