Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mrs Mck's Pudding Club

On The Menu This Week (Thursday 30th)

Mango Tart
Pineapple Pudding
PiƱa Colada Mess
Coconut Panna Cotta

We're getting all tropical this week!
Don't forget it's BYOB and only £5 a head
See you there pudding lovers...

Nonki xx

PLanned Closure @ Relay

Just a quick note to let everyone know we will be closed on Sunday July 3rd and Saturday July 9th all day. Sorry if you're gonna miss your breakfasts with us or your afternoon tea... We will miss you too... Promise we have very good reasons for being closed! 
See you all soon
Nonki x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Mrs Mck's Pudding Club

Next week's pudding club is already coming upon us (well almost). Our brains are ticking away and organising whats to come next...

On The Menu This Week (Thursday 23rd)

Cherry Cheesecake
Black Forest Trifle
Lemon Meringue
White Chocolate and Mint Cake Bon Bons

We will also have a live Dj set from Annonymos 
How does that sound?

See you on Thursday pudding lovers...

Btw if you're wondering what a cake bon bon is they are these babies...

Don't forget its BYO and only £5 for a whole bunch of pudding loveliness.

Mrs Mck's Pudding Club Vol. 1 (Pictures)

We got a couple good photos but we were so busy being the best hostesses we know how to be to get many of the puddings... If anyone out there got some of the finished products we would love to see them?
here's a link to the facebook photo album 

Playing @ RELAY

Right now it is all about Frank Ocean he's brilliant. His voice makes me and Mrs Mck all melty inside. There's a really brilliant article about him on the complex magazine website but to sum it up... He was signed to a major record label and they dropped him (as they do) but instead of staying quiet and disappearing he got on with life and released his album as a free mixtape to download! There's a lot more to his story than that so the article is definitely worth a read. 
Most importantly his album is so strong, one of the few recent albums that I'm more than happy to listen to beginning to end over and over. It is quickly becoming the album that we play at least once a day on the Relay Ipod. More than anything I love the content of his songs his lyrics actually give me butterflies. Ridiculous I know but true. I think Mrs Mck would agree that this album is gonna get rather rinsed out at Relay over the summer. What d'ya reckon??

Pudding D.I.Y

To accompany our weekly pudding club we will be posting a Pudding Club recipe every week... So we're kicking off with White Chocolate & Raspberry Bread and Butter Pudding...
You don't need any special cooking skills or anything just nice simple delicious puddings to make at home. Maybe for a dinner party? (We're all in favour of dinner parties, I think we should all start having them.)
If you're not a dab hand in the kitchen don't worry Mrs Mck taught me how to make this the other day and I'm a bit of a pudding novice , but it went down a treat with our guests . I have a feeling it could've been a favourite at Pudding Club last night...

Raspberry and White Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding
Serves 6-8
Ingredients: 8 thick slices of day old crusty white bread, slightly salted butter (enough to butter the bread), punnet of raspberries, 150g white chocolate, 200ml double cream, 100ml milk, 200g caster sugar, 150g cream cheese, 2 eggs, 2 egg yolks, tbsp vanilla essence.
First, pre heat oven to 180°. Liberally butter both sides of each slice of bread. Arrange 4 slices of bread on the bottom of a buttered oven dish (cut or tear the bread to fit). Then evenly scatter half the raspberries and chocolate chunks over the bread. Arrange another layer of bread making sure they overlap in places. Scatter some more raspberries and chocolate on top.
In a mixing bowl beat 2 eggs, 2 egg yolks and sugar together till pale, add cream cheese and beat till smooth.
In a small saucepan bring cream, milk and vanilla essence to the boil then add this mixture to the mixing bowl and mix well.
Pour over the bread ensuring it gets into all the spaces and down the sides of the oven dish. Sprinkle a few raspberries and white chocolate over the top to decorate. Put in the middle of the pre-heated oven for about half an hour. It should be lightly golden and solid but not too dry when ready.

Picture by Jack Prideaux

Serve warm with fresh cream and enjoy! 
Let us know how the cooking goes...
Happy cooking
Nonki x

Mrs Mck's Pudding Club Vol. 1

We launched Mrs Mck's Pudding Club down at Relay last night and it was rather delightful. Fun was had and pudding was enjoyed!
At the end of a wonderful night filled with music, brought to us by the fabulous Annonymos and Rowdy Superst*r (who btw smashed it!) we handed out a mixtape full of stuff we dance around to at Relay when we're slaving over the oven making you all delicious puddings. it's got tunes on it that get us through the hard times, like when our Vicky Sponge gets super angry with us and decides to be all droopy and sad. And tunes that we put on when we're soldiering through a mountain of dishes for example, this morning when I spent approximately 3 hours cleaning up after last night's antics (a KP will be hired for next weeks pudding club!). There's also a bunch of stuff on there that just makes us real real happy... 
Here's the track listing from Mrs Mck's Pudding Club Vol. 1.....

Animal - Miike Snow - This one gets us jumping round the shop like crazy ladies.
Faster - Janelle Monae - Janelle got us through the bitter cold of winter.
The World Is Yours - NAS - What a classic! 
Had it Harder - Lail Arad - Lail is a good friend of ours we hope to have her down to do a set at the Pudding Club soon. And we love this song about our city!
Humanity (Love the way it should be) - John Legend - If you haven't heard the Wake Up album by the Roots and John Legend you really should.
The Marrying Kind - Prince - Massive Prince fans in the land of Relay... If you don't like Prince... Don't tell us!
We All Try - Frank Ocean - Frank Ocean is our favourite at the moment. In fact i'm gonna do a post dedicated to him later...
Big Ole Words (Damn) - Cee - Lo

I really hope you enjoy the mix and maybe you've found something new to get to know? We're gonna be keeping our ears to the ground finding stuff for Vol. 2 ... Let us know how you like it...

Nonki xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Mrs. Mck's Pudding Club

Relay Tea Room invites you to Mrs Mck's Pudding Club. Indulge in an evening of pudding, music, pudding and more pudding…
Eat at home, or eat out but save room for dessert, byob, bring your friends and your dancing shoes...

Every Thurs, from June 16th - 7 to 10pm

£5 per head for a whole evening of veritable pudding delight.

June 16th featuring Rowdy Superst*r live and Annonymos (DJ set)

On The Menu This Week

Chilli chocolate cups
White chocolate and raspberry bread and butter pud
Key lime and vodka tarts
Raspberry and rose trifle
Banoffee pie

We're really excited for our first ever pudding club... can't really contain the excitement....

see you there!
Mrs Mck and Nonki xx