Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Early Mornings, Lazy Afternoons....(for you not us)

So, in the absence of pudding club we've been busy getting our new mid week menu together....we're starting breakfast and lunches next week Tuesday...yes I said Tuesday we now only have one day a week away from all you lovely people......this tea room lark is addictive!!!

We decided that it wasn't nutritionally fair to only feed you cake, so we've added sandwiches and quiches and soup to the menu, you can either just come in for lunch or come in for a Lazy Afternoon Tea with finger sandwiches, savoury bites and of course cake, scones and tea.
We're doing a trial run taster this Sunday the 4th, £5 per head for a delicious selection of savoury and sweet treats, and your choice of tea or our special Ice - T!!!!  
I don't think you wanna miss this.

As for breakfast we'll have all our usual weekend favourites of Pancakes, Vanilla French Toast, and Poached Eggs, but we're adding few bits to get you through the week, Granola with Fruit and Yogurt and Porridge with delicious toppings to name a couple....oh and we'll be open a little earlier for those of you that don't do worms, 9 am to be precise. 

Cant wait to see you all there x x
Mrs Mck 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

No Pudding Club again!

Sorry pudding lovers no pudding club again this week...
We're sorting it out so don't fret we'll be back again very very soon... 
You don't even want to know the red tape that we have to get through to make it happen how we want it to happen. Anyway won't bore you with the details. Keep checking back to see when we will be back!

Mrs Mck and Nonki xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

2Morrows Victory

Seeing as we couldn't bring them to you live we thought we'd share the trailer for the Band we were going to feature at this months Pudding Club...ahh we miss you all, but it'll be back, with a bang so don't go too far......This song by Greg B and 2Morrows Victory feature our very good friend Annonymos.....you know our regular DJ....anyway enjoy and keep tuned for the return of Mrs Mcks pudding club to Relay Tea Room !! <3

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pudding Club

We are so sorry to say that we have had to cancel pudding club again....
And probably for the rest of the month while we sort out a few lil' issues!!!
Its definitely not over just on pause!!!!
We'll probably miss it more than you so be assured IT WILL BE BACK like terminator!!!
Mrs Mck + Nonki

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pudding Club

So, the much delayed and awaited pudding club menu for this week is

Caramel Chocolate Tart,
Lemon Mousse
Strawberry Short Bread + Cream

looking forward to seeing you all there