Friday, 17 June 2011

Mrs Mck's Pudding Club Vol. 1

We launched Mrs Mck's Pudding Club down at Relay last night and it was rather delightful. Fun was had and pudding was enjoyed!
At the end of a wonderful night filled with music, brought to us by the fabulous Annonymos and Rowdy Superst*r (who btw smashed it!) we handed out a mixtape full of stuff we dance around to at Relay when we're slaving over the oven making you all delicious puddings. it's got tunes on it that get us through the hard times, like when our Vicky Sponge gets super angry with us and decides to be all droopy and sad. And tunes that we put on when we're soldiering through a mountain of dishes for example, this morning when I spent approximately 3 hours cleaning up after last night's antics (a KP will be hired for next weeks pudding club!). There's also a bunch of stuff on there that just makes us real real happy... 
Here's the track listing from Mrs Mck's Pudding Club Vol. 1.....

Animal - Miike Snow - This one gets us jumping round the shop like crazy ladies.
Faster - Janelle Monae - Janelle got us through the bitter cold of winter.
The World Is Yours - NAS - What a classic! 
Had it Harder - Lail Arad - Lail is a good friend of ours we hope to have her down to do a set at the Pudding Club soon. And we love this song about our city!
Humanity (Love the way it should be) - John Legend - If you haven't heard the Wake Up album by the Roots and John Legend you really should.
The Marrying Kind - Prince - Massive Prince fans in the land of Relay... If you don't like Prince... Don't tell us!
We All Try - Frank Ocean - Frank Ocean is our favourite at the moment. In fact i'm gonna do a post dedicated to him later...
Big Ole Words (Damn) - Cee - Lo

I really hope you enjoy the mix and maybe you've found something new to get to know? We're gonna be keeping our ears to the ground finding stuff for Vol. 2 ... Let us know how you like it...

Nonki xx

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