Monday, 11 April 2011

This Weekend @ RELAY

Our first weekend back after two weeks and we were bombarded! we were certainly not expecting to have such a good weekend. So it came as a surprise when we were greeted on Saturday morning by our regulars and lots of new faces so we're happy ladies! Plus we got to try out our newest delights on the unassuming public....

These babies are ridiculous... We started off calling them cake pops, then they became cake balls but try saying that without turning pink and giggling so we finally settled on Cake BonBons. They are delicious and naughty and delightful and wonderful and really really dangerous. Its like a truffle married a cake and voila!

We got our hands on some beautiful silver plated coffee percolators from the wonderful new shop in the market, Brixi, you can find some lovely bits in there very nicely hand picked bits of furniture and decorations.   

We also introduced our new home made Ice T to the world. Here is the Raspberry, vanilla and rose, we also have a Green tea with lemon and ginger both made with Taylor's of Harrogate teas and they both taste delicious. Really refreshing and I reckon they'll be quite a hit this summer if the weather continues like this...

Here's hoping...
Mrs. Mck. and Nonki xx

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