Monday, 11 April 2011

Back from a break

We're back. We took a small break in March to get our heads together after an unfortunate event, some very dear friends of our lost their daughter in a tragic accident and it hit us all pretty hard. We needed the time off to be with the family and our close friends. So as you can imagine its been a hard few weeks all round. But we're so glad to be back at the shop. We missed it so much whilst we were away, in fact we were a little afraid we'd come back and all our customers would have abandoned us. But to the contrary we were welcomed with a lovely note from one of our regulars and then we received a whole box of lovely cupcakes. We feel very loved, its always nice to know that you're missed when you're not around.

We made these colourful treats in memory of the most colourful girl...

Mrs. Mck. and Nonki xxx

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