Sunday, 13 March 2011

We've been busy since I last blogged... I've had assignments to get done which I still haven't finished and stress is rising but we've also been busy at the shop too. We finally finished building our collapsable less wobbly more pretty tables, I think when we decided we'd make our own tables we didn't really consider how difficult it is to make tables there's always one wobble that you can't work out why its still bloody wobbling! We'll get the eventually we'll have lovely sturdy tables! Until then they will just have to look pretty to counter the slight jiggling! 
We also had a chance to visit our favourite vintage thrift shop in Dulwich, we managed to pick up a few lovely things like an antique copy of the brothers Grimm fairy tales... (pictures soon) And we took an evening off and went to see Mr. Mck raging the drums at Tinie Tempah's London date. When we sneaked back stage we found this...  

I think we can safely say Tinie has good taste in tea. We also delivered him some of Mrs. Mck's cupcakes which we hope he enjoyed...

So here's some pics of our week looking at them makes me love our little shop even more...

Green tea and peach mimosas in yellow china?! yes please! 

This picture resembles a much appreciated success! Our oven was freaking out for a couple of weeks and was brutally attacking our victoria sponge! (we tried everything to figure out what happened we eventually came to the conclusion that it could only be sabotage!) but this week all was well and good again! Vicky sponge is happy and delicious.

This is what we resorted to when we realised we don't have bowls? granola and berries for breakfast is fantastic even out of a margarine tub!

And here's our goodbye for today! xx

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